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Mon - Tues
6a - 4p (Café)
9a - 4p (Play)
Wed - Fri
6a - 7p (Café)
9a - 7p (Play)
9a - 7p (Café & Play)
12p - 6p (Café & Play)

9473 Highway 78
Ladson, SC 29456

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Our Story


Seven months pregnant... on a 20 hour road trip... alone... with my 2 year old son...

That's how our story began. I had just left my welder husband (who worked out of town the majority of the time) and was heading back home to South Carolina to do this parenting thing... alone... again. In the deepness of my thoughts (because what else is there to do on a never ending road trip) I knew I needed something new. I longed for a place where my tired and pregnant self could take my energetic son and not have to chase him around every corner or up every hill. A place where I could take my laptop, sip on a beverage and get a little bit of work done. A place where I could let my guard down... just a little bit. Mellow & Play... the best of both worlds.

Now, how to make this happen? I really needed my husband home... and my son and soon to be son or daughter need daddy home. *Sigh.... WAIT! I then remembered how my husband had mentioned several times that he would love to own a coffee shop! lightbulb.png

Parents NEED coffee! Kids need a safe place to play... How cool would it be to create a place for parents to relax AND have yummy, quality coffee right there at their fingertips!?  With just a glance, they look across the room and see their children playing and laughing... content.  In the rush of excitement I called my husband and shared with him this idea! Cafe. Contentment. Mellow & Play Cafe.

And our journey begins....


Fresh squeezed lavender lemonade!